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No Perfect Political Weapon

By Charlie Cook | National Journal
April 10, 2014

Anyone who knows me well knows I am usually eyeing the oven for the next fresh batch of in-depth public-opinion data from Democracy Corps, a partnership between legendary Democratic strategists Stan Greenberg and James Carville that just celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Can Democrats change the politics of health care?

By Dan Balz | Washington Post
April 5, 2014

The debate over the Affordable Care Act has entered a new stage, one that will challenge Republicans and Democrats alike. But the burden still falls more heavily on the Democrats to show that the law can become something other than a political weight on vulnerable incumbents this year.

Obama less popular than Obamacare

By Caroline May | The Daily Caller
April 3, 2014

A new survey of likely voters finds that President Obama is now less popular than one of his most partisan accomplishments, Obamacare.

Obamacare unpopularity hits all-time high in NPR poll

By Joel Gehrke | Washington Examiner
April 3, 2014

Opposition to Obamacare hit an all-time high in an NPR poll showing "early signs of a Republican wave" in the 2014 elections, even though the survey polled more Democrats than Republicans.

NPR Poll Finds Obamacare Woes Portend GOP 'Midterm Wave'

By Noah Rothman | Mediaite
April 3, 2014

Last week, leading Democratic pollster Celinda Lake warned her fellow Democrats to ignore the pundits advising vulnerable incumbent Democrats to embrace the Affordable Care Act.

In Response to the Washington Examiner

By Luke Frans
January 9, 2014

A Washington Examiner article from December 19 mischaracterizes the work of Resurgent Republic, and attributes to the conservative research organization and its co-founder Ed Gillespie statements that are not contained in the May 2010 research memo cited in the article (complete survey toplines can be found here).

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