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What They’re Saying: Press Coverage of Our Immigration Reform Focus Groups

April 2, 2013

Resurgent Republic released the most recent installment of our Beyond the Ballot research series. Focusing on immigration reform, we conducted four focus groups with Republican primary voters in Des Moines, Iowa, and Greenville, South Carolina. 

Two Out of Three Republican Voters Support Immigration Reform

By Paul Scicchitano | Newsmax
March 2, 2013

Some 66 percent of Republican voters support immigration reform that includes a waiting period of several years for illegal immigrants to prove themselves before being allowed to apply for citizenship.

Republicans need to talk to more than each other

By Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post
February 26, 2013

The center-right research and polling outfit Resurgent Republic is out with new polling and focus group data on under-40 voters.

Huge Hispanic Support for Obama Was No Sure Thing

By Charlie Cook | National Journal
February 8, 2013

At this point, the narrative is pretty familiar to all: President Obama beat GOP nominee Mitt Romney by 44 percentage points among Latinos, 71 percent to 27 percent, exceeding the 67 percent of the Latino vote he won in 2008 over John McCain. 

Many Big GOP Voices Changing Their Tune On Immigration

By Aaron Blake | The Washington Post
January 29, 2013

As Sean Sullivan and I noted this afternoon, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has undergone a pretty significant political evolution over the past decade on the issue of illegal immigration.

Senators Unveil Bipartisan Immigration Plan, But Opposition Looms

By Michael A. Memoli, Noam N. Levey and Brian Bennett | Los Angeles Times
January 28, 2013

As they announced their framework for comprehensive immigration reform, leading senators from both parties declared Monday that the politics of the long-stalled debate had shifted after Republican candidates failed to win significant support from the growing Latino electorate in November.

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