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2016 and Beyond Featured on Morning Joe


Whit Ayres joined Morning Joe this morning to discuss the new Resurgent Republic imprint 2016 and Beyond and demographic challenges facing Republicans.


A Daunting Demographic Challenge for the GOP in 2016

By Whit Ayres | Wall Street Journal
March 5, 2015

Republicans stand a slim chance of winning the presidency in 2016—unless they nominate a transformational candidate who can broaden the GOP’s appeal. That assertion may seem incongruous after Republican triumphs in 2014. But success in 2014 no more indicates the outcome of the 2016 election than victory in 2010 foretold the winner in

No Perfect Political Weapon

By Charlie Cook | National Journal
April 10, 2014

Anyone who knows me well knows I am usually eyeing the oven for the next fresh batch of in-depth public-opinion data from Democracy Corps, a partnership between legendary Democratic strategists Stan Greenberg and James Carville that just celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Polling Trends on the Government Shutdown

By Luke Frans
October 10, 2013

With week 2 of the partial government shutdown drawing to a close, momentum appears to be building for a short-term extension of the debt ceiling and government funding. Public polling during the last 10 days offers several important lessons should a deal fall apart or we return to an impasse in a few weeks time.

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