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Romney changed minds. Now can he close the sale?

By Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post
October 15, 2012

Resurgent Republic, a right-leaning research and polling firm, reports on two focus groups in Milwaukee, gathered from independent voters who went with President Obama in 2008. 

Preview: Focus Groups with Independents and Seniors 65+

October 15, 2012

Later today, Resurgent Republic will release findings from four focus groups with Independents and seniors 65 and older conducted after the Denver presidential debate. 

Ahead Of First Debate, NPR Poll Shows Romney Within Striking Distance

By Mara Liasson and Ron Elving | NPR
October 3, 2012

The latest poll by NPR and its bipartisan polling team [pdf] shows President Obama with a 7-point lead among likely voters nationally and a nearly identical lead of 6 points in the dozen battleground states where both campaigns are spending most of their time and money.

President Obama 'bounce'? Not in the polls

By Whit Ayres and Luke Frans | Politico
September 19, 2012

Polling coverage since the national conventions has been consumed by bounces and speculation about whether the presidential contest has been altered in some fundamental way — presumably to President Barack Obama’s advantage. Conventional wisdom now holds that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney must “change the

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