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Obamacare unpopularity hits all-time high in NPR poll

By Joel Gehrke | Washington Examiner
April 3, 2014

Opposition to Obamacare hit an all-time high in an NPR poll showing "early signs of a Republican wave" in the 2014 elections, even though the survey polled more Democrats than Republicans.

The President Who No Longer Feels Your Pain

By Luke Frans | National Review Online
November 26, 2013

President Obama "gets an 'A' for effort" and is "trying to fix things." He is "approachable" and "caring."

A Closer Look at Self-Insured Voters and their Impact on 2014

By Luke Frans
November 11, 2013

In recent weeks, more than four million individuals and families who rely on the individual marketplace for health insurance received notices that their health insurance plans will no longer be available due to new requirements stemming from Obamacare.

Polling Trends on the Government Shutdown

By Luke Frans
October 10, 2013

With week 2 of the partial government shutdown drawing to a close, momentum appears to be building for a short-term extension of the debt ceiling and government funding. Public polling during the last 10 days offers several important lessons should a deal fall apart or we return to an impasse in a few weeks time.

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