Hispanic Voters

Worth Discussing

Why Obama Won The 2012 Election (In One Chart)

By Aaron Blake | The Washington Post
December 6, 2012

The conservative polling group Resurgent Republic is out with a great new graphic this morning breaking down turnout among key demographic groups in the 2012 election.

The overlooked Latinos

By Hector Becerra | Los Angeles Times
October 20, 2012

PUEBLO, Colo. — Like many Latinos in Colorado, Earl Payne can trace his lineage to Spaniards who came to the New World more than 400 years ago.

On the Trail: If Republicans fail to make inroads with minority voters, they may be doomed to run from behind

By Reid Wilson | National Journal
May 9, 2012

Demographics are destiny. This much, in American politics, is true. But we rarely appreciate the pace of the racial and ethnic change happening throughout the country. To step back and see the broader, long-term picture is to recognize that, while we're an evenly divided country now, we may be close to a tipping point after which the entire

How much does Obama campaign strategy depend on Hispanic vote?

By Todd J. Gillman | The Dallas Morning News
April 27, 2012

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney’s hard line on immigration helped him woo conservatives in the GOP primaries. It also drove many Hispanics firmly into the Obama camp — voters who could swing the outcome of key Southwestern states this fall.

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