Independent Voters

Resurgent Republic seeks to identify and explain public opinion trends among critical swing voters.

Worth Discussing

Preview: Focus Groups with Independents and Seniors 65+

October 15, 2012

Later today, Resurgent Republic will release findings from four focus groups with Independents and seniors 65 and older conducted after the Denver presidential debate. 

NPR Poll: Health Care Is An Advantageous Topic for Candidates

By Mara Liasson | NPR
July 19, 2012

Even though the Supreme Court declared the Affordable Care Act constitutional, voters in battleground states remain polarized about the law. But a new NPR survey finds there are signs that the gap between opponents and supporters has become a little smaller.

Are You Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago? 25 Percent Say ‘Yes’

By Jim Geraghty | National Review Online
May 10, 2012

Resurgent Republic unveiled a new survey of registered voters. Voters say America is still in a recession by 72 to 24 percent. Agreement crosses partisan lines, with 84 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of independents, and 59 percent of Democrats saying the country is still in a recession.

If President Obama were a car, what kind of car would he be?

By Chris Cillizza | The Washington Post
April 12, 2012

“If President Obama was a car, what kind of car would he be and why?”

That’s the question Resurgent Republic, a Republican-led polling conglomerate, asked a group of independents in Colorado and Virginia who had voted for the president in 2008.

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