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Obama's Debt Speech -- Will Our President Finally Get Serious About Leadership?

Karl Rove | Fox News | April 12, 2011

When White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe went on four Sunday morning talk programs, it sounded like he was announcing PresidentBarack Obamawould finally produce a plan to rein in the defiit.

Of course, Mr. Plouffe did make clear the president will call for repeal of the Bush tax cuts "for the wealthy."


Though Mr. Obama heralded the agreement last December to continue all the Bush tax cuts for the next two years, the poll-obsessed campaign operatives in the White House think class warfare and blaming the nation’s ills on greedy rich people will win Mr. Obama reelection.


Think again.


An early March poll by Resurgent Republicfound 38% of Americans agree "we need more tax revenue as well as spending cuts to reduce the federal deficit" while 54% believed the "federal deficit is a result of too much spending in Washington" and if "the Congress raises taxes, the tax increases will only end up going" for more spending, not deficit reduction.

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