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Poll: Independents' support of Democrats slipping

May 4, 2010

Support for Democrats by independents on several issues has slipped in the past year, according to a poll by a conservative research group. Resurgent Republic's research concluded that Democrats' support among independents - a big reason for victories in 2008 - has slipped.

Republicans in Resurgence

May 4, 2010

A new poll by Resurgent Republic, a conservative group, confirms the trends that other political observers have been seeing: This year’s electorate leans to the right, with most independents seeing eye to eye with Republicans on the major issues. But the survey also includes some warning signs for conservatives.

Hispanic Survey Conference Call

March 25, 2010

Resurgent Republic Board Members Whit Ayres and Leslie Sanchez and National Survey Research Advisory Board Member Ed Goeas discuss our nationwide survey of Hispanic likely voters.

National Hispanic Survey Reveals Key Info on Demographic

March 17, 2010

As published for The Daily Caller.
It is widely expected that the 2010 Census will show the U.S. Hispanic population continues to be our nation’s largest, fastest growing minority group, surpassing the present totals of 47 million people or over 15 percent of the population.

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