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OFA Comments On Our Florida Hispanic Voter Survey

By Luke Frans | Resurgent Republic
January 30, 2012

An Obama for America memo released today referenced our recent survey among Florida Hispanic voters, conducted with the Hispanic Leadership Network, and read in part: "And a Republican-leaning group poll [Resurgent Republic, 1/26/12] last week showed the President easily beating a generic Republican in Florida and seen favorably

Shot/Chaser: Obama's Image and the 2012 Election

By Luke Frans
December 16, 2011

Shot: "President Obama has not met with Republican leaders in Congress for 145 days, choosing instead to visit 20 states for 34 policy addresses and 34 campaign speeches."

Winning Among Independent Women

By Jon McHenry | Resurgent Republic
December 12, 2011

Resurgent Republic has noted the similarities between Independents and Republicans on a host of issues since our first poll in 2009.  Conservatives have the upper hand with these voters for now, and the party best able to appeal to Independents in 2012 will win the White House and may well claim both chambers of Congress.

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