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Conservative groups back immigration reform

By Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman | Politico
April 5, 2013

High-profile conservative groups are taking on an unexpected cause: passing immigration reform. A diverse mix of the Washington consultant class is cutting TV ads, revving up the grassroots and advising lawmakers on messaging and strategy in hopes of getting a bill across the finish line this year.

USA Today's Alan Gomez Highlights Resurgent Republic Immigration Focus Groups

April 3, 2013

USA Today's Alan Gomez highlights the Resurgent Republic focus groups conducted in Iowa and South Carolina on CSPAN. He cites evidence that GOP primary voters agree with immigration reform once the facts about border security and the tough, long path to legal residence are made clear.

Republicans need to talk to more than each other

By Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post
February 26, 2013

The center-right research and polling outfit Resurgent Republic is out with new polling and focus group data on under-40 voters.

Why Obama Won The 2012 Election (In One Chart)

By Aaron Blake | The Washington Post
December 6, 2012

The conservative polling group Resurgent Republic is out with a great new graphic this morning breaking down turnout among key demographic groups in the 2012 election.

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