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3 in 4 Swing Voters Say the Economy is in a Recession

Luke Frans | Resurgent Republic | May 11, 2012

Shot: "Sometimes people forget the magnitude of it...sometimes I forget." President Obama talking about the recession (5/10/12).

Chaser: Almost three-fourths of all voters think we are still in a recession, including 75% of Independents. 

Moreover, 3 in 4 voters say their family's financial situation is not better off than four years ago (39% say they are worse off and 36% say they are about the same). Seventy percent also say the economy is not getting better (51% staying the same and 19% getting worse). It's no wonder that 7 in 10 Independents say the country remains on the wrong track, and that by a two-to-one margin (63% to 32%) swing voters think "President Obama's economic plan is not working and we need to try something else." Read the full survey results here.

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