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If President Obama were a car, what kind of car would he be?

Chris Cillizza | The Washington Post | April 12, 2012

“If President Obama was a car, what kind of car would he be and why?”

That’s the question Resurgent Republic, a Republican-led polling conglomerate, asked a group of independents in Colorado and Virginia who had voted for the president in 2008.

The answers are in­cred­ibly illuminating, providing a window into how a critical swing bloc of the electorate thinks about the current occupant of the White House.

The full findings of the Resurgent Republic focus groups are below but GOP pollster Glen Bolger summed up the results nicely in a memo distributed today. Wrote Bolger:

“Voters who still approve of President Obama do not perceive him as a risky choice, but on the other spectrum, voters who disapprove believe he hasn’t delivered and question whether he can change course moving forward.”

Among the most fascinating answers to the “if Obama was a car” question (in our mind):

• Toyota Minivan: “He seems like a family person, so I put a nice minivan.”

• Kia: “He’s sort of new and sort of reliable, but I don’t have enough information on him.”

• Edsel: “It might have a good engine underneath, but out of touch with reality.”

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