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Obama Seeking Comeback Victory in Town Hall Debate

Rebekah Metzler | U.S. News & World Report | October 16, 2012

Headed into the first presidential debate, it was Republican nominee Mitt Romney who needed to overcome expectations to keep his presidential bid alive. Now, because of a stronger-than-expected outing, the tables have turned and it's President Barack Obama's re-election hopes that are on the line ahead of Tuesday's second debate at Hofstra University...

..."They really want to talk about it in terms of how it will affect them. It's a huge information vacuum in that regard," said John McLaughlin, a partner at McLaughlin and Associates, who interviewed the seniors as part of a project with the DC-based polling firm Resurgent Republic.

So while the first debate was mired in policy weeds, it's likely the candidate who can show how their policies will tangibly affect voters who could see a bump in support coming out of the second debate.

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