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Romney changed minds. Now can he close the sale?

Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post | October 15, 2012

Resurgent Republic, a right-leaning research and polling firm, reports on two focus groups in Milwaukee, gathered from independent voters who went with President Obama in 2008...

...Resurgent also held two focus groups in Tampa of seniors who supported Obama in 2008 but are undecided now. These seniors believed Obama “was better able to handle Medicare, but . . . this sentiment is not as strong when compared to previous elections in large part due to Obamacare.” Like the Wisconsin focus groups, “The participants expressed surprise at how poorly the president came across” in the first debate. Romney did much better: “The participants commented that Romney was prepared and struck an appropriate balance of being aggressive, but not overtly rude. The candidate they saw on the debate stage was a positive contrast to the person they expected to see based upon negative advertising.”

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