President Obama

Worth Discussing

Obama's turnout problem

By Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post
August 10, 2012

Of all the polls released in the last week, the survey on voter enthusiasm by Resurgent Republic, a right-leaning research and polling firm, is perhaps the most important.

GOP Analysis Says They’ve Got The 2012 Momentum, But Does It Matter?

By Kyle Leighton | Talking Points Memo
August 10, 2012

Republicans say their voters are ready to run through walls to vote for Mitt Romney, or at the very least, vote against President Obama. Does that matter?

Obama Is Ahead, but Is He Winning?

By Molly Ball | The Atlantic
August 10, 2012

Three months remain until election day, and President Obama narrowly leads in nearly every national poll. Gallup's most recent tracking has him up 47-45 over Mitt Romney, for example, and just about every reputable poll for the last two months has shown a similar result.

Pandering to His Base

By Fred Barnes | The Weekly Standard
July 30, 2012

In 2009, he suggested that doctors often gouge their patients by insisting on more treatment than necessary. This reflects a “business mentality,” he said. In 2010, he said he didn’t “begrudge success that’s fairly earned.” Then he added: “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough

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