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Balanced Budget Amendment

September 12, 2011

  1. Independents think more like Republicans than Democrats on the desirability of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. By a margin of 57 to 36 percent, voters overall think a balanced budget amendment is a good idea, with large majorities of Republicans and Independents supporting the idea (75/21 among Republicans and 59/33 among Independents). Only Democrats think it is a bad idea (53/39 percent).


  2. Voters are more likely to support making adjustments to Social Security if the rationale is saving the program for future generations than if it is to help balance the budget. Whenever entitlement reform is discussed in the context of getting the deficit under control, a majority of voters says Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should be off limits (56 to 38 percent, including 51 to 43 percent among Independents). But when framed in the context of saving those programs for future generations, a majority is willing to make adjustments (53 to 40 percent, including 61 to 34 percent among Independents). Those who advocate entitlement reform are better off making the case that such reforms will save those popular programs for the future.

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