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November 8, 2011

Resurgent Republic conducted its latest survey of 1000 American voters October 30 through November 2, 2011. Following are key highlights pertaining to the political climate one year prior to the election.

Read the full report: Voters Believe America is Worse Off Than When Obama Took Office

  1. Republicans and Independents think Barack Obama and the Democrats control Washington, while Democrats think Republicans in Congress are in control. In yet another indicator of the low esteem with which Washington is held in the country, each party views the other one as in control. Republicans view Obama and the Democrats as controlling Washington by 67 to 15 percent, while Democrats view Republicans as in control by 55 to 26 percent. Independents split more evenly, but still view Obama/Democrats in control by 39 to 34 percent.

  2. Democrats see Obama as "an outsider trying to change the way Washington

    works," while Republicans and Independents split evenly on whether he is an outsider or "an insider who is part of the way Washington works." Democrats say he is an outsider over an insider by 59 to 31 percent, while Republicans split 44 to 46 percent, as do Independents at 45 to 44 percent.

  3. Democrats see Obama as more interested in "working with Republicans to get things done," while Independents agree with Republicans that he is more interested in "campaigning against Republicans in Congress to win reelection." Democrats say he is interested in working across the aisle to get things done by 72 to 18 percent, but Republicans and Independents think he is campaigning against Republicans for reelection by 80 to 17 percent and 53 to 37 percent, respectively.

  4. Ratings for both "Republicans in Congress" and "Democrats in Congress" have declined over the course of the year. As demonstrated in our August survey, the debt limit debate damaged the image of both parties, and neither has recovered.

    • Favorable/unfavorable ratings of Republicans in Congress have gone from 45/42 in January to 40/50 in August to 38/55 today.

    • Favorable/unfavorable ratings of Democrats in Congress have gone from 45/46 in January to 42/48 in August to 42/50 today.

Read the full report: Voters Believe America is Worse Off Than When Obama Took Office

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