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Obamacare Is As Unpopular Today As When Passed Among Independents

November 8, 2011

Resurgent Republic conducted a survey of 1000 American voters October 30 through November 2, 2011, with full results available here. Following are key highlights pertaining to Independents and Obamacare:

1. A plurality of Americans opposes the health care reform plan passed last year, and Independents oppose it by a 20-point margin. Tested without referencing President Obama or Democrats who controlled Congress at the time, voters overall oppose the plan passed by 48 to 41 percent, with intensity on the side of the opposition – 38 percent strongly oppose versus 24 percent strongly support. Republicans oppose the plan by 81 to 13 percent, as do Independents by 54 to 34 percent. Only Democrats support it by 72 to 13 percent. People who are undecided on the Obama/Republican candidate presidential ballot oppose the health care reform plan by 50 to 34 percent.

2. Even when presented with arguments for and against the reform plan, more Americans think the plan has been bad rather than good for America.

Congressman A says that health care reform has been good for America. It has provided health insurance to those who didn't have it, is controlling health care costs, and holding the insurance companies accountable.

Congressman B says that ObamaCare has been bad for America. It is raising health care costs, cut $500 billion from Medicare, and injected government bureaucrats into health care decisions.

With that formulation, voters oppose health care reform 49 to 44 percent, including majorities of Republicans (73 to 23 percent) and Independents (54 to 39 percent). A majority of Democrats supports it (68 to 24 percent).

3. One reason for continuing opposition to health care reform is that a majority of Americans thinks their health care costs have gone up since the plan was enacted. Polling before health care reform was passed clearly showed that Americans' highest health care priority was controlling spiraling health care costs. Yet so far they believe health care reform has failed in that regard. Fifty percent say their own health care costs are going up, 43 percent say staying the same, and only 2 percent say their health care costs are going down.

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