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On National Security Issues, Independents Are More Like Republicans

April 28, 2009

This first Resurgent Republic survey of 1000 registered voters, conducted April 13-16, 2009, showed an overwhelming majority of American voters supports President Obama’s decision to send 17,000 additional troops and 4,000 more trainers to Afghanistan, even though 41 percent of Democrats are opposed. Sixty-three percent of Independents and 71 percent of Republicans back President Obama on this issue.

On the other hand, a strong majority believes the Guantanamo Bay prison helps protect America rather than undermines our moral authority. Independents are, again, much more like Republicans than Democrats on this issue. As is seen repeatedly in public opinion research, national security remains the Republicans’ strongest relative advantage over the Democrats and a major issue on which Independents and Republicans hold similar views.

  1. Voters overwhelmingly support President Obama’s plan to send 17,000 additional combat troops and 4,000 trainers to Afghanistan. Voters support Obama’s plan for a troop surge in Afghanistan by a 62 to 32 percent margin, including a 71 to 22 percent margin among Republicans, a 63 to 31 percent margin among Independents, and a 54 to 41 percent margin among Democrats.


  2. Voters overwhelmingly think that Guantanamo Bay helps protect America rather than undermines out moral authority. Voters agree that “keeping terrorists at Guantanamo Bay helps protect America by keeping people who would kill Americans in custody overseas” rather than “holding prisoners at Guantanamo Bay weakens America’s moral authority and isn’t in keeping with our values” by a 58 to 33 percent margin, including 40 percent who strongly agree with the former statement versus 21 percent who strongly agree with the latter statement. Republicans and Independents agree by margins of 83 to 12 percent and 59 to 31 percent, respectively.

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