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March 27, 2012

As part of our Target Voter Series, Resurgent Republic sponsored four focus groups among Generation-Y voters ages 23 to 30 in Raleigh, North Carolina and Columbus, Ohio. Following are key highlights pertaining to gas prices and energy costs.

Read the full Report: The Disillusioned Obama Young Voter


  1. North Carolina voters feel the pinch of gasoline prices, while Ohio voters were more focused on sources of alternative energy. When discussing the economy, the instinctive reaction among the North Carolina participants was to bring up the concern about the rising cost of gasoline. A North Carolina respondent cited the consequences of the economic conditions, noting that for many it is difficult to secure permanent employment as a result of the rising price of gasoline and car ownership, making it more costly to commute to-and-from work. Others in North Carolina suggested that while President Obama may “not be directly responsible for the rising gas prices, he will be the one to suffer the consequences.” While they did acknowledge some pain at the pump, the Ohio voters were overwhelmingly more focused on finding alternative sources of energy. Some of these voters even suggested they were “comfortable” with rising gasoline prices if this meant more research for cleaner and safer methods of energy.

  2. Rising gas prices could ultimately halt any sense of perceived economic growth. Despite the mixed responses toward rising gas prices in North Carolina versus Ohio, the effect on other pocketbook issues will create a toxic political environment among the youth vote. One of President Obama’s key voting blocs are those who are most laden with debt, such as school loans. These voters are encountering roadblocks in achieving professional growth, which is often an essential need in order to earn the means to pay off college and graduate school debts.

Read the full Report: The Disillusioned Obama Young Voter

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